1. Foreman 3.2 Release Notes

1.1. Headline Features

1.2. Upgrade Warnings

1.3. Deprecations

2. Katello 4.4 Release Notes

2.1. Headline Features

For the full list of changes, see the Changelog.

  • The repository indexing code has been rewritten and is now much faster. A 6x indexing speed improvement for the RHEL 7 RPMs repository was reported on the pull request.

  • Docker repositories can now use the "On Demand" download policy.

  • Docker repositories can now have tags both limited and included at sync time, as opposed to only included.

    • Source container images are now excluded by default, but that may be changed by editing the "exclude tags".

  • When syncing Debian content to smart proxies, the "APT Verbatim" publisher is used in Pulp for more efficient metadata mirroring.

  • A sync download rate limit setting has been introduced under the "Content" tab.

  • Content view versions may now be removed from a content view in bulk.

  • Work on the new host details page has progressed, specifically the packages and errata overview pages:

    • An Installable Errata card has been added to the overview, with links to pre-filtered errata views on the Errata tab.

    • The Packages tab now offers filter dropdowns for up-to-date / upgradable status.

  • The Inter-Server Sync interface (in Content > Subscriptions > Manage Manifest) has been rewritten completely, featuring a new CDN Configuration tab with three clear options for where Katello gets its content.

    • As part of the above, the 'content_disconnected' setting has been renamed to 'subscription_connection_enabled'.

  • The Red Hat repositories page no longer contacts the CDN when in Airgapped mode.

  • Fixed errata installation raising errors when using Remote Execution.

  • Numerous improvements to Content View exporting and importing have been included.

2.2. Upgrade Warnings

2.3. Deprecations

  • The 'docker_tags_whitelist' parameter for Docker repositories is now deprecated. Please switch to using 'include_tags' instead.

Appendix A: Foreman Contributors

Appendix B: Katello Contributors

  • Adam Ruzicka

  • Amir Fefer

  • Andrew

  • Bastian Schmidt

  • Chris Roberts

  • Evgeni Golov

  • Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden

  • Ian Ballou

  • Jeremy Lenz

  • Jonathon Turel

  • Justin Sherrill

  • Lucy Fu

  • Manisha Singhal

  • Nadja Heitmann

  • Oleh Fedorenko

  • OndÅ™ej Ezr

  • Partha Aji

  • Ron Lavi

  • Samir Jha

  • Stejskal Leos

  • Tomer Brisker

  • William Bradford Clark

  • hao-yu

  • rverdile