Foreman 2.5 and Katello 4.1 documentation

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This is work-in-progress documentation site for Foreman open-source software and its plugins. Official documentation is available here.

Foreman headline features

Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal) support

Packages for Foreman and its various plug-ins are now being built for Ubuntu 20.04 (Focal) as well.

CentOS 8 Stream support

Packages for Foreman and its various plug-ins that are built for CentOS 8 are now being tested on CentOS 8 Stream as well.

Upgrade warnings

Removal of mod_passenger support

After defaulting to Puma in Foreman 2.1 and deprecation in Foreman 2.4, support for mod_passenger is dropped. The packages have been dropped and the installer can no longer configure it. Users who upgrade using the installer will be migrated automatically but users who upgrade without the installer must take care of this themselves.


Puppet host methods in templates

Methods on the Host object used to configure Puppet have been deprecated in favor of dedicated macros. The old methods will issue a deprecation warning and be removed in a future release.

This is the list of deprecated methods and their successor:

Puppet 5

Puppet 5 is officially End of Life. Foreman {{page.version}} still supports Puppet 5, but in a future release this will be removed.

Foreman - API

Foreman - Audit Log

Foreman - Authentication

Foreman - Compute resources

Foreman - Compute resources - OpenStack

Foreman - Compute resources - VMware

Foreman - Compute resources - oVirt

Foreman - Dashboard

Foreman - Database

Foreman - Development tools

Foreman - Facts

Foreman - Host creation

Foreman - Host registration

Foreman - Internationalization

Foreman - Inventory

Foreman - JavaScript stack

Foreman - Organizations and Locations

Foreman - Packaging

Foreman - Parameters

Foreman - Plugin integration

Foreman - Puppet Reports

Foreman - Puppet integration

Foreman - Rails

Foreman - Rake tasks

Foreman - Reporting

Foreman - Security

Foreman - Settings

Foreman - Smart Proxy

Foreman - TFTP

Foreman - Templates

Foreman - Tests

Foreman - Users, Roles and Permissions

Foreman - Web Interface



Installer - Foreman modules

Installer - foreman-installer script


Packaging - Debian/Ubuntu

Packaging - RPMs


Smart Proxy - Security

A full list of changes in 2.5.0 is available via Redmine

Katello headline features

For the full list of changes, see the Changelog.



Contributors to Foreman 2.5

Contributors to Katello 4.1