Foreman 2.4 and Katello 4.0 documentation

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This is work-in-progress documentation site for Foreman open-source software and its plugins. Official documentation is available here.

Foreman headline features


Foreman - API

Foreman - Compute resources - VMware

Foreman - Compute resources - libvirt

Foreman - Compute resources - oVirt

Foreman - Development tools

Foreman - Host creation

Foreman - Host registration

Foreman - JavaScript stack

Foreman - Organizations and Locations

Foreman - Packaging

Foreman - Plugin integration

Foreman - Puppet Reports

Foreman - Puppet integration

Foreman - Rails

Foreman - Rake tasks

Foreman - Reporting

Foreman - Settings

Foreman - Templates

Foreman - Tests

Foreman - Unattended installations

Foreman - Users, Roles and Permissions

Foreman - Web Interface

Hammer CLI


Installer - Foreman modules

Installer - foreman-installer script


Packaging - Debian/Ubuntu

Smart Proxy - BMC

Smart Proxy - Plugins

A full list of changes in 2.4.0 is available via Redmine

Katello headline features

For the full release notes, see the Changelog.




Bug Fixes


A full list of changes in 4.0 is available via Redmine