Foreman 2.3 and Katello 3.18 documentation

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This is work-in-progress documentation site for Foreman open-source software and its plugins. Official documentation is available here.

Foreman headline features

Host Registration

New simplified process of registering hosts to the Foreman. With utilization of provisioning templates, already running hosts can be registered to the Foreman with one command. For more details about registration process:

Safe mode template preview when safe mode rendering is disabled

When template safe mode rendering is disabled in the settings, users can now preview rendering of templates with safe mode enabled. This will enable updating templates to ensure they render properly under safe mode before turning it on for the whole Foreman. (#30949)

Show instance name in top menu

For users managing multiple Foreman instances, a new setting (instance_title) has been introduced that allows setting a name for each instance. When set, an icon will appear on the top bar which will display the instance name when hovered over. (#29024)